Obama Sues Arizona Over State Immigration Law

(BrightCitizen.com) With 59% of the US public against illegal immigrants, the state of Arizona has reacted.  They have enacted a law to allow law enforcement to check if people they come across on a day to day basis are legally in the United States or not.

(Reuters) – The Obama administration on Tuesday sued Arizona over the state’s strict new immigration law, attempting to wrestle back control over the issue but infuriating Republicans who said the border required more security.

The administration argued the Arizona law, which requires state and local police to investigate the immigration status of anyone they reasonably suspect of being an illegal immigrant, is unconstitutional and would sap law enforcement resources.

The Republican-controlled Arizona legislature passed the controversial law to try to stem the flood of thousands of illegal immigrants who cross its border from Mexico and to cut down on drug trafficking and other crimes in the area.


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