The Top Ten Best and Worst Communicators of 2010

( This is something we look forward to reading each year.  The Decker blog makes their conclusions on the best and worst communicators of the year.  Here’s that summary-

The 10 Best

1. Sebastián Piñera – Excellence above and below the surface

2. Scott Brown – Refreshing face and voice

3. Sandra Bullock – Grace under pressure

4. Admiral Thad Allen – Rock solid under pressure

5. Marco Rubio – Articulate power makes a new political star

6. Luke Russert – Chip off the old block, beyond his years

7. Buster Posey – Speaks softly, but carries a big stick

8. Elizabeth Smart – Character and maturity

9. Emmitt Smith – A winner at many things

10. Steve Jobs – Just has to be in the Top Ten, again


The 10 Worst

1. Tony Hayward – Appalling

2. Dick Fuld – Never learned

3. Christine O’Donnell, Joe Miller, Alvin Greene – Not ready for Prime Time

4. Gordon Brown – Consistent stumbler

5. Mel Gibson – Rant after rant

6. Jan Brewer – Inconsistent stumbler

7. Eric Massa – How can one believe?

8. Bertha Lewis – Like many under scrutiny, talks with forked tongue

9. Harry Reid – This politician is no stem-winder

10. Obama – Cadence, teleprompters and arrogance gets him here

Check the Decker assessment for 2010 here.