Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Is Washington Out Of Control, Again

( Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX) and thirty-one other elected representatives from both the Democratic and Republican parties are trying to legislate the internet.

In November they came up with SOPA or HR 3261 as a legislative response to the myriads of phishing, illegal meds, and various other illegal or immoral sites on the internet.  They want businesses to police the net.  They idea is novel but the other parallel here would be Dodd Frank that only added financial firms millions in extra costs. You cannot legislate morality.

Despite the law not being implemented yet (just came up in November right?), things have already happened to one David Rusenko who founded a website hosting business called getting a call from saying that there has been a complaint about his website and his sites will be taken down.  You can read his story here.

After that trouble, he quickly transferred his domains away from GoDaddy.  As did Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales after hearing about GoDaddy’s support for SOPA. Still not sure what Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is?  There is a pretty respectable write up on Wikipedia here.

We really need term limits in the United States Congress as these people are in their positions too long and seem to lose contact with what the people (business people) need in order to pay the representatives salaries (through taxes).

8 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Can’t Be The GOP Candidate And Beat Obama

( Here are eight reasons why conservatives placing their bets on the Mitt Romney campaign (or Mitt Inc) for the US presidential candidate will likely make the 2012 elections a fruitless campaign for Republicans.
  1. He is viewed as a chameleon on issues, changing to what side he sees he can get more votes (much like Obama).
  2. He is the 1%.  He has multi-millions of dollars that comes in monthly that makes him the natural ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ target.
  3. He seems disconnected with the majority of Americans.  This makes it hard for anyone to get excited about him.
  4. He’s outright mean acting in debates with the other candidates and even in interview with supportive news organizations responding to reasonable questions.
  5. He’s been running for offices too long.  He ran and lost in Massachusetts for senator, then for US president on the last cycle.
  6. He comes across as plastic, the Ken married to Barbie.  Americans are less than plastic and want someone who can relate to them.
  7. He has no true international experience, despite US business experience.
  8. He produces and promotes (directly and indirectly) false advertising misquoting both his political enemy (Obama) as well as other candidates.

Basically, Mitt Romney would be a ‘boring’ candidate for the US elections.  He would not stir the electorate as we have seen already no real zeal behind him in the polls despite some endorsements.  Some politicians have endorsed him thinking there is no other choice, but they should probably look again.    With Mitt we just have another John McCain type candidate.

There is one other issue that people don’t want to talk about for fear of political correctness that will likely hurt Mitt Inc.  It is really Mitt Romney’s political Achilles heel.

Many American’s identify themselves as ‘Christian’ and have branded the Mormon church as a ‘cult’ for decades. It may be difficult for him to garner their support.  Barak Obama professes to be a Christian but acts as an agnostic as we have seen from his actions denying national days of prayer and doing nothing to show any true sense of spirituality.

Most committed Christians knows Obama is a political Christian, just looking to pick up the votes of the cultural Christians who make up a large group in the US.  Mitt may not have that same pleasure.  We have already seen splintered support from Evangelicals go to Bachmann and Santorum (who have no chance of winning) over throwing their support behind Mitt. This is despite many Christian leaders saying they could vote for a Mormon (in case he secures the nomination).

If Mitt Romney wins the Republican nomination, we believe Obama’s chances of winning another 4 years have just increased.  Apparently, so do others.

Who Does Barak Obama Want To Run Against Gingrich Or Romney?

An excellent opinion piece came out by Gregg Easterbrook on Reuters contrasting which candidate Obama has a better chance beating.  You can read the article here, but the summary is excellent.  Romney would be a wash and nothing for Republicans to rally behind.  Romney, he is the 1%.  Quoting-

That may not be a fair charge, but it is a powerful one, with which Obama could pillory Romney. There is a clear political playbook to use against Romney.

This especially matters to the youth-vote/youth-volunteer equation. The young voters who enthusiastically supported Obama in 2008 now seem more turned off by him. But if 2012 pits Obama versus Mr. One Percent, young voters might get excited again. Obama would be offering them a chance to defeat Wall Street, at least symbolically.

Whatever other failings he may have, Romney has always comported himself with dignity. An Obama-Romney contest would be the kind of decorous, high-minded campaign at which the president excels. In an Obama-Gingrich race, practically anything could happen.

So forget the polls. If I am Barack Obama, I want to run against Mitt Romney.

Has Mitt Romney Got The Guts To Accept Gingrich’s Challenge?

(  Most people see Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich spending millions of dollars going negative on advertisements attacking Newt Gingrich.  Gingrich keeps reaffirming that he refuses to go negative and attack fellow republicans accept to counter the accusations.

However, today on a radio program in Iowa Gingrich threw down the glove and challenged Mitt to a debate to address the issues that his campaign and the super PAC of his former staffers are running to try to smear Mr. Gingrich.

Will Mitt be a chameleon and try to hide behind the ‘I kind control what these groups are saying’, or will he be a man of integrity and try to seriously address the issue?  Will soon see.  If he continues as is, it will be obvious Romney is not fit for the office of president when the hard times come.  He would only be doing what Barak Obama does so frequently which Romney constantly condemns, the “Blame Game”.

Part Of The Reason Why The US Loves Japan?

Japan is a great customer for the military, not only a great mutual friendship in inter country relations.  They are going to buy our latest and greatest.

Japan to pay $114 million for each F-35 fighter jet

(Reuters) – Japan’s defense ministry said on Tuesday it would pay 8.9 billion yen ($114 million) for each of Lockheed Martin’s (LMT.N) F-35 jet fighters in the initial stage of procurement.

The per-unit cost will come to 9.9 billion yen if backup parts are included, the ministry said.

The ministry plans to buy 42 of the radar-evading jets.

Is The Media Attacking Newt Gingrich Because People Are Being Drawn To Him?

(  Just looking at Reuters you see headlines such as

Gingrich’s nods to history don’t impress scholars

Virginia ballot shows Gingrich organization woes

it would very much seem like people don’t want to see Gingrich take off with his campaign.  Clearly there is attack even from Mitt.  Why is it that we have to listen to all the complaints from unknown personalities when we’ve got some pretty solid performance from a known personality.

We are all tired of politics as usual.


Government Is Effectively Managing Our Money, So We Should Raise Taxes?

NOT! We hear politicians talk of raising taxes, however it may be a good idea to wisely management what they have before they ask for more.  Reuters uncovered a very blatant Medicare scam by a fake clinic out in the sticks.

Investigators subsequently discovered what they believe to be a fraud within a fraud, insulated by a shell company. The patients who allegedly received treatments for Bubble Boy disease lived in Miami, even though the bills indicated they lived in Gainesboro — at 140 Lonesome Point Lane, a half-finished house on a winding mountain road. The doctor whose Medicare provider number was used by the clinic said he had never heard of the clinic, according to federal court records.

Thieves used a doctors number and an address in Tennessee to rip the government.  They filed for $200,000 and got $50,000 for treatments.  The government paid a paper.  You can get an idea of the site here.

In November, a Reuters reporter visited the Bubble Boy clinic at 179 Buck Branch Lane. It sits just off a narrow road that hugs the bank of the Cumberland River. The address never was a medical clinic. It’s a dilapidated barn that houses a rusted bed frame, discarded computer disks and a dozen animal skulls.

A broken black mailbox rests in the weeds out front, still advertising the clinic that never was. It reads, “Gainesboro Ultimate.”

How can anyone ask for new taxes when what they have is not even being properly managed for such obvious fraud.


No Comfort For Japan and Korea’s Governments On Some Past Issues

(  It seems like a perennial issue to new governments in Japan and Korea.  Japan colonized Korea for 60 years.  They did many bad things.  One issue that seems to come to the front each cycle is the issue of comfort women.  Comfort women were Korean women used as sex slaves by the Japanese Imperial Army.

The Nikkei News Service of Japan reported last week that

In their talks in Kyoto, Noda, who has worked to deepen friendship with Seoul since taking the helm on Sept. 2, said the issue of the women, euphemistically called ”comfort women” in Japan, has already been ”settled,” but added that efforts are being made from a ”humanitarian standpoint.”

Most of Lee’s remarks were about the politically sensitive issue, with 40 minutes of the hourlong talks devoted to the topic, the South Korean presidential office said, raising concern that Lee’s unexpectedly strong focus on the issue could make it difficult for the two countries to promote ”future-oriented” bilateral relations.

At the outset of their meeting at the Kyoto State Guest House, Lee called on Noda to have ”sincere courage to resolve preferentially the issue, which is an obstacle to bilateral relations.”

Prime Minister Noda and the Japanese government see the issue as resolved via efforts to financially support the women that were sexually abused by the Japanese Imperial Army.  However it is clear the Koreans don’t see it that way.  They want financial settlement and last week erected a statue dedicated to comfort women in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.  The Nikkei went on to say

During Sunday’s summit talks, Noda voiced regret over the statue and reiterated Japan’s call for it to be removed as soon as possible.

But Lee warned that ”a second and third statue would be set up” unless Japan takes ”sincere” measures over the matter, according to the South Korean presidential office.

Some see South Korea’s President Lee attempts to blow up the issue as a grab to get more support from people in Korea regarding other issues.

Are there really issues that need to be resolved or it this a attempt to get money for the victims as well enhance the approval rating?  It may be a long time before we find out….