Newt Woos Washington State Voters With Presentations in Olympia, Federal Way, and Everett

(Bright Citizen) Newt Gingrich impressed Washingtonians clearly laying out why America was weakening under Barak Obama.

The meeting in Federal Way Washington went into overflow.  Two buses of campaign staff arrived at a local for a meeting in the conference room.  The air was filled with electricity as the standing room only venue listened intently to what Newt had to say.

Newt encouraged everyone to get to caucus on 3 March as well as tweet or Facebook immediately that ‘a vote for Newt is a vote for gasoline at $2.50 a gallon’.

The meeting was the first time the Puget Sound area outside of Seattle has seen a presidential candidate in person.

Maybe a little competition is a good thing.20120224-152259.jpg



Is Madonna Ready For Retirement From Live Entertainment?

Madonna Ciccone AKA 1990s pop star Madonna performed for the 2012 Superbowl Half-time show.  For a fifty something, she looked good but her age showed despite her well-known effort to remain physically fit.  In the Halftime show we noticed a few things.

  • Her twists and turns and dancing were slow and conservative.
  • Her singing was indistinguishable
  • Her supporting cast showed more youth and energy in the performance.

Conclusion, probably time for Ms. Ciccone to start turning down those requests to perform in front of such a large and diverse audience.

It would seem that Lady Gaga may have taken her crown for provocative and music and video on fluttering on the edge of immoral.

What do you think?

Mitt Romney’s Mormonism May Kill Him

(  Is America ready for a Mormon President?  We at BrightCitizen believe that Mitt Romney has to do a lot of convincing to get the evangelical Christians on his side.  Jack Welch the former CEO of General Electric said in a recent interview,

Look, it’s hardly a secret that we support former Governor Romney. He is, in our view, the most qualified and electable Republican candidate left in the race.

But we‘re concerned that Romney is not facing reality the way it is – which is that his religion is going to become a major issue. In fact, we can imagine that come the general election, Romney’s taxes and his years at Bain will be background noise and the foreground roar will be all about Mormonism.

And why wouldn’t it be? His religion was an issue last time Romney ran for national office, and America’s large bloc of vocal Evangelical Christians, which any Republican candidate will need to win the White House, has clearly signaled once again that Mormonism is an area of deep concern. And yet, even with that evident reality, it appears this is Romney’s Kodak Moment. He’s hoping and waiting.

Hoping and waiting is not a winning strategy.

You can read the whole article and see the interview here.  But the point is, Mitt Romney tends to hope things just go away as he did when there were calls to release his taxes and he scoffed.