United States Lack Of Leadership Under Barak Obama Is Undermining Global Security

(BrightCitizen.com) The Chinese government is letting lose of the crowds to attack the ‘evil’ Japanese government whom the Chinese government is fighting for control of some rocks in the sea of Japan that are also considered islands,  muslim terrorists are attacking Americans in Libya and Afghanistan at US embassies and US military bases, and the Iranian government continues to turn it’s head to the US government denying that it is not making nuclear weapons while it continues to string along the United Nations and United States.  Why is this all suddenly happening?

Many experts agree, it’s due to the lack of leadership from the current US President and the Obama administration.  Blaming the attack on the Benghazi embassy on a silly Youtube.com video and avoiding the evidence showing the killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens were planned attacks to ‘celebrate’ the 911 attacks and murders of thousands of people in the New York World Trade Center.

History shows us that peace through strength is what keeps the world’s nations in check through it all.  When a strong nation is in power and has a good sense of justice and human rights, other countries have less to worry about with increases in trade and decreases in human rights abuses.

The American Seal on the Eagle has two items in it’s talons.  Olive branches representing peace in the left and arrows in the right representing weapons or being able to defend.  This is the Founding Fathers demonstration of their founding principle of “peace through strength”.  They strong school kids on the playground of life will likely not be bullied in the playground of life.