What Does God Think Of The US Government and Barak Obama?

Proverbs 1:28-31 NKJVS

““Then they will call on me, but I will not answer;
They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me.
Because they hated knowledge
And did not choose the fear of the Lord,
They would have none of my counsel
And despised my every rebuke.
Therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way,
And be filled to the full with their own fancies”

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Colin Powell defends Hagel nomination for US Defense Secretary

colinpowell(Brightcitizen.com) Colin Powell defends someone that most US conservatives consider unfit for the job. Including new congressmen who served in Iraq. Congressman Tom Cotton opposes Hagel’s nomination due to Hagel lack of support of the military while they were on there campaign.

Live interview here.

Mr. Powell, yes, we’re sure people appreciate your opinion, but you criticism of the Republican party has likely fallen on deaf ears. You probably lost everyone when you endorsed Barak Obama for President of the United States over people with strong family values and economic competence.

Was Barak Obama Elected Or Crowned?

(BrightCitizen.com) Was Barak Obama elected President of the United States of America or was he crowned King of the United States?  From his actions, many are really beginning to conclude that Barak Obama thinks he’s king.  Why is this?

Barak seems to think that if he wants to do something he’s above the law so he can do whatever he pleases.  Well, what exactly is Mr. Obama doing?  The first thing we should do is follow the money.

1) Obama has spent nearly $1M USD on a dinner for the Mexican President in 2010.  The dinner for the Indian Prime minister cost nearly $500k.  The Washington Examiner reports the following

Gary Walters, who ran presidential household operations for 21 years during Democratic and Republican administrations, before retiring in 2007, told The Examiner the costs reflected in the documents were “excessive. They are high.”

The chief usher of the White House from the Reagan to George W. Bush presidencies, Walters consulted a former White House colleague and said neither of them could recall entertainment costs anywhere near those revealed in the documents provided to The Examiner.

2) Although both parties have used the custom Boeing 747 known as Airforce One on campaign stops.    Most have scheduled other events around their trips related to duties as President.  In 2010, Obama flew more than 172 times.  Looking up 2012, his year as campaigner and chief of the United States is even more concerning.

3) Executive orders- As of 25 Sept 2012 Obama has signed 139 executive orders.  He has skirted Congress on many issues in his “We can’t wait” Campaign… Campaign?  Isn’t he supported to work with other elected officials like himself?

  • June 2012- Halted deportations of illegal aliens without agreement of US Congress.
  • July 2012- Changed welfare policy to allow states to modify work requirements.  Government Accountablity Office concluded he was wrong to skirt the government checks and balances.

Now VP Joe Biden is saying Obama may institute gun control via executive order.  

Judging from Barak Obama’s spending habits, focus on campaigning over collaborating with his fellows in Washington, and his actions that indicate he is not willing to listen to the other side many are beginning to think he thinks he was crowned not elected.  What’s next, removing the 8 year term-limit on the office of President?


Whether You’re Pro Gun or Anti Gun, Don’t Be A Hypocrite

Jeanine PirroThis is a brilliant presentation by the judge. You can read the original here

Will post the text below.

Don’t you just love it when the tables are turned? When the critic finally has to walk in the shoes of those he so often criticized? When the bully gets to experience what he so often inflicted on others? When the gander finally gets what’s been good for the goose?
One week after outrage over the publication of interactive maps identifying the names and adresses of legal gun permit holders in Westchester and Rockland county, New York, The Journal News — part of the Gannett newspaper chain — goes into hiding.
The newspaper that can’t wait to throw in to your obituary that you had a misdemeanor conviction 20 years before you died… The same newspaper that sends reporters to your home. Calls your telephone number incessantly. Waits outside to catch your kids. Invades your privacy and prints whatever innuendo it wants.
Now those same people are hiding behind their so-called “sources” which they then refuse to reveal. Yes, the Journal News has gone on lockdown.
I’m one of the people that newspaper identified as being a lawful gun permit holder and yes, I am also one of those people who The Journal News has both idolized and criticized. But as an elected responsible public official I always took their questions, answered their inquiries, and took my hits.
The firestorm began when The Journal News identified gun owners in a pedophile-like interactive map:
– The battered woman hiding from her abuser whose address the courts have protected.
– The police officer whose family is now in jeopardy.
– The witness who testfied against the bad guy, who’s had years to stew on his anger.
– Judges and DAs like me who not only indicted and prosecuted criminals but, as a Judge, actually put them in jail.
BUT when the heat is turned up, and we want answers, and we want to know why… You can’t talk! You shut down.
Come on! Give us a hint!
Why did you decide to publish the map? Was it your leftist liberal anti-gun agenda? Did you even think about the consequences?
Was it all about money?
Will you step up if something happens to one of us?
You know you’ve made us vulnerable.
And what’s your lame excuse for doing publishing the map? “We knew publication of the database would be controversial, but we felt sharing as much information as we could about gun ownership in our area was important in the aftermath of the Newtown shootings.”
That’s not enough.
One person — the editor and vice president of The Journal News, Cyndee Royle – –who repeatedly called me when I was D.A. answered tersely – “Sorry, can’t do that.”
And that would be… why?
And in the ultimate hypocritical move The Journal News looks to people with guns to protect them from the very danger they’ve created.
Might you have been hoisted on your own petard?
Now that you’re under the microscope — you look like a deer in the headlights.
You’re looking pretty weak right now. My sources tell me you’re scared. You’re hiding behind people with guns after criticizing those of us who legally own them.
Get the hell out of your elitist, egghead tower… put on your big boy pants…face the music and answer some questions.
By the way, I know your names and addresses, too. And I know where your families live. But my mother raised a lady.
I think about consequences.
I think about the anger out there — it might put you in jeopardy, so I will be a lady and take the high road. But when you come out of hiding I’ve got a chair right here at Fox News Channel for you to sit down in and answer some questions.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2013/01/09/justice-fires-back-privacy-press-and-guns/

Hugh Hefner Gets Married Again, But They’re Just Marrying For Fun


(BrightCitizen.com) Hugh Hefner is getting married again.  He’s 86 years old and marrying a young woman who is 26 years old.  In a joint interview, Hefner and Crystal Harris said they’re getting married for fun.

That’s good news considering Hefner’s last marriage ended partially with a wife upset that he refused to have children with her.  Was he trying to avoid losing his money?  Was she trying to inherit the Playboy sleeze kingdom?  Can he even have kids at 86?  We may never know… then again just give it a year or two.  The whole thing seems a bit demented.

Obama says US needs to cut costs, Then Raises Salaries of Government Employees

(BrightCitizen.com)  For all Barak Obama’s talk about the government’s need to be responsible, he doesn’t seem to think it matters when it comes to paying himself or his friends in government.

Barak signed an executive order raising salaries of members of congress last week to give more tax money to members of congress to take home.  News reports

Rank-and-file members of Congress would all see a $900 bump next year — up from $174,000. Congressional leaders will receive a slightly higher raise, with the House speaker receiving a $1,100 salary increase to $224,600. The top two Senate leaders will see pay rise $1,000, to $194,400.

Vice President Biden, meanwhile, will see his pay increase from $225,521 last year to $231,900 after his raise goes into effect March 27, 2013.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/12/31/obama-gives-congress-pay-raise/