Can Overworking Kill You?

( The idea that overworking can kill you was recently rebuffed by a cardiologist at a municipal hospital we talked to.  However, that information seems to be incorrect.

In London, a Bank of America intern, Moritz Erhardt, was found dead this week, collapsed in his student apartment, after reportedly working three straight days in the company’s London investment-banking unit.  (More here).

In Tokyo, an associate pastor who worked long hours and 6 days a week collapsed in front of a crowd in Japan as while he was opening a meeting on 18 August.  The church memorialised him here.

Can overworking kill you?  The answer is probably yes.

What is the advice from BrightCitizen if you want to live long and strong?  It’s three simple points.

  1. Eat natural foods (not processing in a factory)
  2. Get 8 hours of sleep each night
  3. Exercise at least 3 times a week, getting your heart rate up for at a minimum of 20 minutes each time.

Does fear of death from overwork justify not working?  People die from being lazy and doing nothing.  Absolutely not!

Life is about balance and work, play, and enjoying life itself is essential to living long and strong.