When The United States Cannot Be Trusted, Allies No Longer Are Committed To The Relationship

BERLIN | Wed Oct 30, 2013 7:03am EDT
(Reuters) – Angela Merkel’s top foreign affairs and intelligence advisers will quiz officials in Washington on Wednesday over the activities of U.S. spies in Germany, including allegations they tapped the German chancellor’s phone.

The United States is losing trust with their allies. When someone spies on those in the same camp, the quality of the relationship fades. Is this just another sign of the diminishment of the American Empire? Many who see trust as the centerpiece, of any relationship, would empathically agree.

Barak Obama Caught In Another Lie About Healthcare

Barak Obama, current US President, was caught in yet another lie. Today, even Bloomberg News, an ultra pro-Obama news source, reported that Obama’s repeated phrase to American’s that if “You like your current healthcare provider, you can keep it” was known to be untrue back in 2010. Barak knew it, but continued to say it constantly all the way to last year 2012.

Can we trust Barak Obama with integrity in governance? BrightCitizen.com would have to say, very unfortunately not.