What’s Wrong With The New Noah Movie By Darren Aronofsky

Russell Crowe as Noah

(BrightCitizen.com) First and foremost, the producer Darren Aronofsky is a self-confirmed atheist trying to profit off the story of Noah. Rather than trying to stay true to the Biblical history and story, he uses over the top creative license to shoot a movie devoid of Bible credibility.
First off Mr. Aronofsky seems to be trying to make money off of the current flood (pardon the pun) of popular Bible-based or Christian movies. The difference is they are mostly made by Christians who know the Word of God.
The screen writer decided rather than trying to stick to the Judeo-Christian roots of the story, he stated,

“We didn’t want to make it Jewish or Christian, we wanted to make it a more universal story”. Hence, rather than mentioning God in the movie, the movie substitutes “the Creator” a number of times.

The story of Noah is only 3 chapters of Genesis. We don’t have any narrative of anything Noah actually said. But we do know what he did. Noah’s story is about the early earth where sin overran the earth in the form of violence and sexual sin. However, this movie tells people that God destroyed the world due to mining, people eating animals, and the building of cities.
Noah is a powerful story of how one man’s faith can save a generation. However, this movie climaxes with Noah (Russell Crowe) standing over his newly born grandchildren on the arc trying to decide whether or not to kill the babies or not.
Reviewer Todd Starnes says,

“Hollywood director Darren Aronofsky promised to create the least biblical, biblical movie ever made. And based on the early reviews of his film — Mr. Aronofsky made good on his promise.
He left the word “God” completely out of his movie and turned Noah into a crazed environmentalist with anger management issues who wants to slaughter his family.”

The actors on opening night commented on how people can’t say anything negative about the flick unless they’ve seen it. Well, again that sounds a bit like employees of a company telling someone to try their product before the complaining about it. Well, how many people would buy a product when there friend already told you it fell short. In this case, if you want to see Noah on the big screen true to the Bible, then you are wasting your money.

If you want to see a faith-building movie, God’s Not Dead or Son Of God would be better options.

Read Todd Starnes commentary here.

Why Is Disney Anti-Family And Attacking The Boy Scouts?

(BrightCitizen.com) Disney Company recently announced they are cutting funds to support the Boy Scouts. The reason, the Boy Scouts don’t allow homosexual leaders around the boys.

What loving parent would send their child off to a camp in a remote location with a leader drawn to other males? That would not be so smart for those wanting to protect their children.

Why is Disney slighting this organization that has been so instrumental in developing young men? It’s all about appeasing the pressure of the homosexual lobby they embrace. From a business since for Disney, it makes no sense.

Is Disney family friendly? It certainly has been the part of many kids lives growing up with its amusement parks, movies, and music. However, if Disney continues to push the homosexual lifestyle they will lose millions in business.

The American family, of which their business is built on, can not be replaced by same-sex relationships as they cannot reproduce nor is there stability in their relationships if for those homosexuals who adopt as they usually split.

The biggest fear of the homosexual man is losing his partner… which is the high probability according to the latest research.

Coca Cola Will Kill You- 20 Reasons Why You Should’t Drink Coke

(BrightCitizen.com) At BrightCitizen we promote eating and drinking things that are not

  • Made in factories or processed
  • Contain naturally produced ingredients

Unfortunately, many foods and drinks are filled with ingredients that have been developed in a laboratory to allow companies to cut the costs of actually growing or raising the food.

This article will shows 20 uses of Coke and why you should’t drink it.

As the Japan Coke campaign aptly puts it, ‘no reason’ to drink the Coke poison.