Did American President Barak Obama Truly Forsake His Ambassador To Libya Chris Stevens?

(BrightCitizen.com) The current US president seems to slipping deeper and deeper into heavy criticism.  Not just by the opposing party he frequently tries to blame for his challenges, but also with the people that believed in him and frequently try to ignor his short-comings in hope that he will come around.

The administration pushed heavily for then Ambassador to the United Nations, Ms. Susan Rice to promote a notion that the Benghazi mission of the US in Libya was attacked on 11 Sept due to a Islam parody video posted on youtube.com.  Most people believed the attack was unrelated.  Now, in an exclusive interview, those responsible for helping the US Foreign Service members attacked share how they were told to “Stand down” multiple times by their superior officer in the CIA.  Read more about it here.

Catholic’s Pope Francis’ Efforts To Woo Christian Derailed By Mary Worship

140907-pope-francis-boy(BrightCitizen.com)  There is no doubt that the Catholic Pope Francis is a reformer.  It is great that a single 70 year old man from Agentina can have a positive influence in the world.  Many positive people centric things have been done by Jorge Mario Bergogli to show a love and care for people.

His kindness has drawn Christians in general to the leader of the world’s oldest church.  But as with the crusades, the catholic church is not without it’s controversy.  Catholicism is not as close to Biblical Evangelical Christianity as the general populace had hoped.  It’s unfounded celibacy requirements for it’s leaders, teaching on penance and encouragement of praying to the dead contribute to the ‘we are the only true church’ mentality it preaches.  Christians generally have issues with the Catholic Church teaching as you can see here.  A recent post by Francis seems to have derailed efforts to the Roman Catholicism.  On 2 Sept on his twitter account Jorge tweeted

‘The Christian who does not feel that the Virgin Mary is his or her mother is an orphan.”

The momentum seemed to have hit the wall and Christian leaders are crying ‘cult’.  The Charisma News service was one of the first to comment here.  Where will the pope go from here, will he be able to unite Christians together?  We shall certainly see.