Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson Persecuting And Discriminating Against The State’s Christians

Although two homosexual men in Washington were gracefully declined by their regular florist flowers for their ‘wedding’ the friendship between the florist and men continued. 

However, Washington State’s currently elected Attorney General Bob Ferguson decided to make an example of the 70 year Christian florist and business owner threatening to take her business, home and livelihood to all other Christians who would dare to uphold Biblical principles and Gods natural law that marriage is an institution between a man and a woman. 

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Whitehouse’s Weak Negotiating With Iran Is Creating Arab Arms Race

The Whitehouse is negotiating with Iran regarding Iran’s nuclear weapons program. What was supposed to be eliminated has turned into something more lax under the current US president.

Israel has very common sense approach that recognizes the weak American executive branch is caving to the Iranian government by negotiating to allow them to keep their weapons grade production equipment.

This giving in to Iran will create a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. The Wall Street Journal reports,

Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former head of Saudi intelligence, said in November that his country would match the nuclear technologies Iran was allowed to maintain as part of any final agreement. Riyadh will “seek to have the same terms in developing our nuclear energy,” he told a conference in Washington.

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