Tom Brady, Deflategate, and The Future Of Sports With Cheating Players

NFL_QB( If you’re American, you’re probably an American Football fan. In American football, we don’t use our feet to control the ball, we throw and carry the ball to score points points in a game that mimics Rugby and less of what Europeans call “Football” where players do use their feet that is called Soccer in North America.

In American football, a pumped up or inflated ball is a must, but an under-inflated ball is easier to grip. The National Football League, who owns and runs the multi-billon USD American “Football” franchise sets rules for the game to keep consistency and fairness among their teams.

Each winter the NFL season culminates with a national watch game and associated events that climax the event for the season called the Superbowl. In 2015, Tom Brady, the team leader and quarterback for the New England Patriots team was caught directing people to deflate game balls he would use below regulated standards. In short, this player was caught cheating in a game before the Superbowl.

The NFL likely did not want to disrupt their climatic event and made no judgment. Following the big game, the NFL commissioner suspended quarterback and confirmed cheating player to a 4 game suspension in the new season.

When you are a thief and get caught, it’s best to make good and move on. The same goes for someone who broke the rules to win. Let’s not get it wrong, The player has some talent in this American game. However, the sad part to the story is this, instead of recognising his guilt and paying the penalty, the player apparently thought he was above “the law” and hired a lawyer to take his employer to court to try to void his suspension. This sue-happy mental attitude is a bad sign for the US.

Something is wrong when you go to court over a game. Something is even worse when you are the one who cheated and you’re not willing to pay the consequences.

Unfortunately, the player’s cheating and unwillingness to pay for what he did is a self-centered, ugly, and arrogant display of what we are beginning to see in our nation today. This is likely the first time that American courts were asked to make judgments for a game. Clearly, the NFL made their judgment and if you want to play the game you need to follow the rules.

If the player is successful in breaking the rules and getting away with it, we may see continued degradation in the moral fiber of America. Our hope is that justice will triumph and the player will serve out his time. There’s a saying, “Cheaters never prosper.” It will be interesting to see what happens to this example of sports in courts. Doing the right thing, working hard, and correcting where you have failed and moving on, has been the strength of our nation.