Can Donald Trump’s Cursing, Belittling, and Name Calling Define A New Group Of Politicians?

trump-presidential-announcement-2015( American’s are fed up with politicians, no doubt about that.  Barak Obama played on American’s desires to get functional government working in Washington DC, but brought division, arrogance, and incompetence to weaken the nation globally.

Although still powerful, the American Government’s power and respect has globally continued it’s decline from the presidency of George Bush, and even accelerated under the mis management of Mr. Obama.

While in the process a rich but not necessarily smooth, candidate has arisen to try to take the crown of executive political leadership in the US.  Donald Trump, the clever but brash heavily accented New Yorker has risen up.

Mr. Trump’s tough talk has definitely drawn the crowds.  He has also been able to get good numbers in the various telephone and other polls made.  American’s are clearly fed up with lying, apathetic politicians that get elected but flow straight into medriocrity never accomplishing anything.

Mr. Trump belittles minorities, women, has political adversaries in his own party, and judges people by whether they are ‘nice’ or not.  He is basically rude old guy who only knows how to order people around, but not how to work with people.  If someone is not ‘nice’ to him, he acts a bit like an adolescent and proceeds to call them names.  In the Fox News debate, Megyn Kelley experienced that 69 year old acting like a spoiled teenager when she asked him how he could counter his reputation for being critical of women.  Instead of explaining to the audience how he could counter his past record of attacking belitting women, he began to tell Ms. Kelley how he had complaints about her.

Yes, America needs a non-politician in the US presidential office, but does Donald Trump have the maturity or the class to represent the United States of America?  Over the last few months, we would say, probably not.  What do you think?