Majority Of US Evangelicals Seem To Be Lining Up Behind Ted Cruz

(  Could it be that Americans have tired of Don Trump’s rough language and attempts at character assignation of any of the Republican candidates that challenge him for popularity?  This month, we’re seeing a string of endorsements from people like Focus on the Family’s founder Dr. James Dobson, Charisma’s Publishing found Steven Strang, and Tony Perkins of The Family Research Council are just the tip of the iceberg.  It’s not just limited to ministry leaders.  We’re also seeing governors and political leadership also selecting Ted Cruz over the other candidates.

Former Texas Governor, Rick Perry has also endorsed Ted Cruz.  Could it be because they’re both from the same state?  Most likely, the constitutional concept of smaller government is one unifying belief.  If you look around the web you will find the Cruz campaign has been keeping an updated list of endorsements they have received on their blog here.

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump

160120-Sarah-Donald( When it comes to Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and VP candidate for the United States, most people don’t know what to think.  Her folksy, overly casual way of talking puts most of us off.  However, she did seem to have some type of involvement in the American Tea Party movement.  We see the idea of accountability and managing your resources as a fundamental of how a nation should be managed.

Unfortunately, the United States is bloated and spending more money that it has due to poor political leadership.  We are not completely sure what Mrs. Palin has to really do with the Tea Party, other than agreeing with her in this area.

However, today in her endorsement of Donald Trump for US president, we have concluded that the prior intuition that said that her way of talking and acting was strange.

The bigger question really is, does anyone really care that Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump?  At, we think if the US presidential election of 2016 were between Hillary and Donald, it would be a very sad day for the United States.