Can You Imagine Doing Business Donald Trump?

Michael Douglas in Movie WallstreetMany people see business as profit and loss, getting orders, and servicing clients.  As the famous movie Wallstreet ,with Michael Douglas, called it “ABC”  or “Always Be Closing”.  Of course, sales are a very important part of any business.  However, if you have been doing any business for any extended amount of time, you realize that the last thing you want to do is burn bridges with your customers, employees, or suppliers.  It is always good to do the right thing, and do you best to make people happy.

In the US, we’ve seen a business man become famous as a reality television star.  This man inherited millions of dollars from his late father in New York and gained more money using his strong personality and direct way of speaking.  Don Trump decided he was going to run for President of the United States.  With past standards of the Democratic party and the mantle of the Republican party he began his run for office.  The American campaigning for the US elections basically run two years.

As you look asTrumpRaiseArm Mr. Trump, you think what if you had a customer like this?  What would you do with someone like this?  Do we really want to work with a person who curses like someone in an American restricted movie? Someone who tries to assassinate the character of their competition?  A business person is documented as saying something and later denying that recorded comment?  In the end of a deal, who likes to pay a premium for something just to find out you were ripped off?

Commerce works in this world because people have mutual respect for each other.  Commerce really comes down to trusting the people you are working with.  It is foolish to rip someone off because that person may show up again as a buyer, client, employee, or background influencer at another company.

We hope that no liar, cheat, or bigot takes political control of any country.  If they do, their lack of ethics not only affects the government, but also drags down the standards of the business leaders and community in the country.

People aren’t ignorant.  If a company has unreasonable, trash-talking customers, it’s better to walk away and focus on the good people.  It’s good to frequently say when meeting new people, “It’s always good to know good people”.  Respecting people and learning about them is what makes business so fun.