The Second String NFL Quarterback Not Standing For Pledge, Colin Kaepernick Has Other Motivation

Colin-KaepernickThe United States is far from a perfect country.  There has been much injustice.   However, Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans risked national unity and fought a civil war to bring freedom to African American slaves brought to the early American soil against there will.  Women have gotten the right to vote.  Things are not perfect but there is injustice happening in every group but NOT in America as a whole.

When second string American football player Colin Kaepernick says he refuses to stand for The Pledge of Alligence to honor the people who have died to bring the freedom we have, it’s obvious we’re dealing with a man clueless on American history.  All Colin is really doing is creating a distraction for his performance.

Just a brief look at the comment section of any news site, you can see comments of people telling Mr. Colin Kaepernick that it’s time to get out of the NFL.  Strangely enough, the freedom that allows Kaepernick to sit on his bum will the rest of the team and crowd is standing gives him the freedom to espouse his ignorance.  Maybe the best question to ask is “Colin, please name 5 areas were you see the nation promoting racial tension?”  Someday, we hope Colin will become a bright citizen.


Why Was/Is Bill Clinton Looking For Sex Outside His Marriage To Hillary

bill_clinton_olderBy now, we’re all very familiar with the sexual escapades of Bill Clinton while he was in the Whitehouse.  Of course, he and those who voted for him are responsible for the thousands of human lives lost under his presidency through the abortions that occurred during his time. However, unlike the hated Barak Obama, Mr. Clinton was actually able to compromise and get things down so the United States could operate and grow.

Few talk about the root cause of Bill’s very public sexual activity.  There were multiple cover ups of the various woman he had relations with during his time in office of Governor of Arkansas as well as his time as president.  What was going on?  Of course, we can assume it is just him being too sexually driven.  However, where there is smoke there is fire.  Many people see marriage infidelity as all the man’s fault, however the woman has a role to play in the marriage as well.  Women have their monthly menstrual cycles just as men have a cycle of sexual desire for their wife.  If that desire is not fulfilled men will go looking for sexual fulfillment elsewhere.

This is exactly what has happened to Bill Clinton.  He married a dog whose only goal is to control people and make money.  When you look at Mr. Clinton’s wife, it makes it a bit easier to understand why he looks elsewhere for sexual fulfillment.  Who knows, the last time the Clinton’s had sexual intimacy could have been the conception of Chelsea.  How long ago was that?

Is There A Coverup for Hillary Clinton’s Health Issues Going on?

Charisma News Reports on the continuing health issues of Hillary Clinton, current Democratic Party candidate for US president saying-

If you ever needed evidence to know the mainstream media is working to stack the deck against those who oppose its liberal agenda, look no further.

In a report by Breitbart News’ Lucas Nolan, an analysis of internet search engines found evidence that suggests Google—the predominant search engine in the world—has been suppressing searches for articles regarding Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health concerns. It compared the same search entry among several engines and found:

Searches for “Hillary Clinton’s he-” across three different search engines provide quite different results. When searched on Google, the first suggested searches provided are “Hillary Clinton’s headquarters,” “Hillary Clinton’s health plan,” and “Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan.”

Search results on Bing return the suggestions, “Hillary Clinton’s health,” “Hillary Clinton’s health issues,” and “Hillary Clinton’s health and weight,” while search results on Yahoo return the suggestions, “Hillary Clinton’s health problems,” Hillary Clinton’s health” and “Hillary Clinton’s health issues.”

Read the whole story here.

This Is The Best We’ve Got? Hillary Vs Donald

HillaryVDonaldThis is the best we’ve got?  Hillary versus Donald Trump?  It’s the boring battle between the pathological liar and the super exaggerator.  Some Americans have have described the choice as almost like choosing between two STDs… would you like Syphilis or Gonorrhea?

Let’s face it, most of us don’t like either choices.  However, if we have to choose between the two we should likely think more about it as we’re dealing with friends… this “friend” were going to have to listen to for the next 4 years unfortunately.

Everyone has one of those friends that things that they are God’s gift to the world.  That person who thinks more of themselves than they ought.  That is definitely the Donald Trump.  On the other hand, no one likes to associate with a person who is always changing their story otherwise known as lying.

Second only to Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton is the dirtiest politician to be in and run again for office.  She arranges political favors for people who pay her foundation, compromises national intelligence for her ‘convenience’ and will lie right to your face… even if it’s about her fellow countrymen dying (in Benghazi).

The Philippines used to be known for corruption, payoffs and cheating politicians. Now we’ve got that same element here in the US with Hillary Clinton.  Now with the new president of the Philippines, Mr. Rodrigo Duterte, the lying cheating criminal element is being called out.  If the country has moral leadership, the country will flourish.

If we have to choose between Hillary and Donald, the choice is clearly Donald.  Frankly, we’d prefer to have another choice of a strong constitutionalist.  He’s certainly a big talker and has a set of problems of his own, however the thought of a sleazy woman who lies about anything and everything being in control of what was once a mostly moral and upright nation is appalling.