Watch Brett Kavanaugh’s Thoroughly Refute Christine Ford’s Accusation Before The Senate Committee

Judge Brett Kavanaugh thoroughly refutes the accusations of leftist politicians attempt to take down his nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States.  Watching the video, you will find that they targeted the wrong guy.  How many of us keep a thorough record of what we have done during our school days.

We’re looking forward to seeing Judge Kavanaugh on the US Supreme Court!  A man of great integrity that has overcome the pollitical hit job shall surely help make America better and give hope for a country in search of direction.

Below is a very with not questions from Senators.

To Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono, All Men Are Sex Offenders?

Did Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono smoke too much ‘Maui wowie’ (marijuana) ?  In this interview, she tells all men to ‘shut up and step up’.  In her mind, all men are sex offenders, rapists, and perverts?

For years, Hawaii has struggled to keep good teachers in their public school system.  Mazie must have been highly educated but how could she make such ignorant conclusions?

She should probably take her own advise and not talk about what you doesn’t know about.

Christine Blasey Ford- Political Pawn, Liar, Or Confused?

( Washington DC seems to have no shortage of divisiveness.  How a ‘disunited states’ can continue to prosper is very concerning even to the passionately positive people among us.

The highest Judicial Court of the United States of America has a nomination from President Donald Trump for a new Justice or Judge to serve for lifetime appointment.  The judge has a very positive record, is well regarded amongst all that he has worked with over his career, and is considered to be consistent with the conservative traditional values of the United States.  The issue is he is not being recommended by the leftists in the Democratic Party of the United States but instead a ‘Republican’ nomination.

After several FBI background checks, weeks of testimony, and hundreds of meetings between Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Members of the United States Senate, and anonymous letter from July is released just before confirmation process to the full senate begins.  The accuser, Christine Blasey Ford claims that she was groped in a bedroom 35 years ago by the young future judge at a beer party in Maryland.  Unfortunately, there are many problems with the story

  • Christine Ford doesn’t remember the house location or date of the alleged attack
  • Christine Ford may have had some traumatic affair but the mental health professional recorded her saying there were four boys in the room not the two she now talks about.  Which is it?
  • The accuser has no witnesses or confidants to confirm that the trauma happened, but more importantly who the perpetrators where if something did happen.
  • Christine Ford deleted all her social media accounts before going to the Washington Post to announce her accusation.  It would seem more a move for political battle than for keeping privacy.
  • People who have had a truly traumatic attack would relive the details constantly and would usually have them seared into their consciences.
  • 57 women have gone to the effort of writing a letter to the Senate Committee confirming the kindness and great treatment they have received from Brett Kavanaugh over his years and putting their names to a recommendation
  • Sexual predators don’t stop, they keep going for years until they are caught. Bill Clinton is a perfect example of a sexual deviant that continued to violate women from his days of governor in Arkansas to the Whitehouse.  If Judge Brett Kavanaugh were a sexual predator, he would have been continuing to display those traits and not been appointed his previous judicial positions.  Nor would have such a large group of friends and coworkers attesting to his integrity over his career.

Based on the timing and story, it would seem that everything is about trying to prevent a republican nominated judge from being seated on the US Supreme Court.  Is Ms. Ford a political pawn, a liar, or confused?  Ms. Ford is a political activist on the democratic side.  She has given money to political causes and signed her alias name to a letter against President Trump’s moves to fix immigration.  She has attained a post graduate degree so we would conclude she is likely no fool.

Based on the above, Christine Ford would seem to be an actively engaged political pawn trying to derail a nomination and destroy the personal lives of the target judge and his family.

Christine Ford’s story seems to have more holes than a shot-gunned milk jug.  What’s your take?  Feel free to make thoughtful comments below.  Avoid the politics and stick to the logical side.