Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s False Accusers Cases Crumble

The attack, stall, and delay tactics by US Senate Democrats has achieved the goal at least temporarily.

The attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s integrity was distracting. However, the politicians picked the wrong guy to attack. Who would of guessed he kept a detailed calendar for 50 years and know where he was and what he was doing most of his life.

The sex abuse stories that they encouraged have continued to fall apart. The latest from major news media.

In a memo released Sunday, experienced sex-crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell flagged numerous inconsistencies in Ford’s testimony, saying that her case against Kavanaugh was even weaker than the typical “he said, she said” scenario. Specifically, Mitchell noted that Ford repeatedly changed her story as to the number of people at the party where she allegedly was assaulted, and could not remember certain key details like how she got home or whether she had given her therapist notes to The Washington Post just two months ago.

None of the witnesses Ford named as present at the house, including her lifelong best friend, has backed her claims. Additionally, Ford admitted under questioning by Mitchell that she travels regularly on airplanes, even though her team had cited a fear of travel as a reason she could not promptly come to Washington, D.C. to testify. Ford also indicated under oath she was not aware that Senate Republicans had publicly and privately offered to fly to California to interview her — a disparity that Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., vowed to investigate.

And Swetnick seemingly has changed her story on whether she had first-hand knowledge that Kavanaugh intentionally plied women with alcohol so that they could be gang-raped decades ago. One of Swetnick’s ex-boyfriends also has questioned her credibility, exclusively telling Fox News that she once threatened to murder his unborn child and “exaggerated everything” to get attention.

A separate ex-boyfriend has also said in a sworn statement to the Judiciary Committee that he does not believe Swetnick, and claimed that Swetnick’s father intimated she has mental health issues.

Swetnick’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has called repeatedly for the FBI and Senate investigators to interview his client, even as major inconsistencies in her account continued to surface Tuesday. Swetnick was sued in 2000 by her former employer for allegedly falsifying her educational experience, and she also was accused of fabricating sexual harassment episodes.

On Tuesday, Mike Davis, who works as the nominations counsel for Grassley, reportedly told Avenatti: “We have already reviewed your client’s allegations. We focus on credible allegations. Please stop emailing me.”

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