The Biases and Exaggerations Of CBS’ 60 Minutes

From a Bright Citizen Reader

Back in the 70s, I went with my dad (an electrical engineer for GE) to a presentation by Illinois Power. They first showed the “60 Minutes” episode that was done about an IP nuclear power plant, pointing out all the lies the officials told and stuff like that.

BUT, Illinois Power had done ONE thing right — THEY HAD FILMED everything presented to the “60 Minutes” crew, and the additional footage PROVED WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT that “60 Minutes” had PURPOSELY distorted the information presented to them.

For example, on the flow chart for how long it would take IP to move the reactor from the rail car into position, it showed 4 weeks. “60 Minutes” showed they only took 1 day and stating that the time frame was purposely exaggerated.

BUT IP’s film showed the “60 Minutes” reporter being told that the 4 weeks included all the preparation and testing time required by law before the actual move, but THAT information was conveniently left out of “60 Minutes” show.

MY POINT? NOBODY should watch “60 Minutes” — EVER.

Pence Or Harris, Which Would Be A Better US President?

There is an added consideration to think about before you cast your vote in the 2020 Presidential Election (whether you use a mail-in ballot or show up in person at your designated precinct). What is that consideration?

Which VP candidate is better prepared to take over the reins should either Presidential candidate be unable to complete their 4-year term? Which VP candidate will continue growing the economy? Which VP candidate will keep taxes low putting more money into your pocket? Which VP candidate will maintain incentives that have encouraged business growth opportunities? Which VP candidate will continue to create job opportunities for women, minorities, every background, every ethnicity, everyone? 

Which VP candidate will support law and order and put an end to the lawlessness and anarchy that is destroying our cities? Which VP candidate will give you a better sense of safety and security within your community? Which VP candidate will continue to make fair and reciprocal trade deals with our trading partners?

Which VP candidate will continue to strengthen our military, end meaningless wars, and continue to bring our troops back home? Which VP candidate do you trust setting foreign policy for our country? Which VP candidate would you be more comfortable with in serious talks with Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Xi Jinping? Come to think of it, you can probably ask the exact same questions about the two Presidential candidates.

Six Things Japan Needs To Do To Become A Global Financial Center

With Hong Kong taken over by Communist China’s central government, Singapore seems to be taking up the mantle as a global financial center for Asia. It’s just too small to ask the island state to cover the volumes of Asia. The Japan government and the politicians in Tokyo have expressed strong interest in stepping in that place. What do Japan politicians need to do to draw more global business and become a world financial center? Here are six things Japan politicians need to do for all visa categories except Permanent Resident

  1. Eliminate taxation on global assets
  2. Eliminate exit tax
  3. Eliminate taxation on global assets
  4. Exception from inheritance tax
  5. Eliminate all special taxes against high income like Recovery Tax
  6. Lower punitive tax rates for high income

How Could President Donald Trump Survive 4 years of Character Assignations?

US President Donald Trump speaking at a Campaign Rally

US President Donald Trump is one of the most unique American presidents in history. He is not a lawyer by trade, nor is he a career politician from the DC swamp that just accepts things as they are. Mr. Trump is someone that no supporter can even defend as he is sometimes crude, rude, and unrelenting.

Trump beat self-loving Hillary Clinton in 2016 for a couple reasons. More people hated Hillary than any other candidate in history because of her pay to play politics and her arrogance. Secondly, another 4 years of Obama like politics didn’t appeal to business people who weren’t sure of more legal red tape that made hiring people and doing business unpredictable.

The Trump presidency was a breath of fresh with the economy as it roared to recording trading on the stock market, record unemployment, opportunity for all. The political establishment didn’t want to see Trump successful. Then President Barak Obama approved the surveillance of then citizen Donald Trump which was the beginning of attacks on Mr. Trump by the dirty politicians, mostly from the Democrat’s but also including some Republicans as well. Mr. Trump has been attacked constantly, but he hasn’t been too shy or politically correct and has highlighted that. What attacks were made?

  • The Russian election hoax started by Hillary related people and continued by the democrat controlled House of Representatives and fake news kings, CNN, broadcast every day for months
  • Fake impeachment by same dems regarding a phone call with the Ukraine
  • Constant blocking of executive orders and other Trump administration policies by activist leftist judges

The list of attacks on the president goes on and on. We will not. But this begs the question. How could President Donald Trump survive 4 years of attacks on his character? He has likely survived it because he is not a politician stock in ruts of Washington DC decision making. He is a business man who is used to getting things done.

One thing we do notice is that Trump has not caved in to the attacks. In fact, he has become emboldened by the attacks and moved into a more aggressive stance and activity. Name calling, talking over people, and negative comments are never acceptable. But if President Trump were not as tough as he is through his business experience, he would have resigned and left the political pit many years ago.

Donald Trump is a one of a kind person. He is far from defendable by committed Republicans, but from a results perspective he has been one of the best presidents in United States history.