Celebrating New National Holiday – Nobama Day!

After 8 years of arrogance, ignorance, anti-business, anti-family, and suppression of anyone who would dare to disagree, the American people voted overwhelmingly across the United States to replace Barak Obama and his hand picked candidate with someone different.  Americans selected a rough-talking, big business-man, and television personality.  He is untested and unproven in the political sphere.

Today, 20 January 2017, we celebrate freedom from a president who ignored American law, suppressed the truth, persecuted Christians, promoted sexual perversion, and frequently ignored the chances to dialog with American businesses at home and abroad.

Today we celebrate “Nobama Day”.  No more Obama to push a socialist agenda on the majority of Americans who are sensible and hard working.

Of course, Nobama Day could be an annual holiday, but let’s make it a 1 day, 1 year thing.  We must work to never again put this type of person in office. From today, Americans must focus on getting smart people  who will actively uphold the wishes of a moral society and comply with the high standards of the office.  People who will help America to prosper and not decay.

We don’t know what the leadership of newly elected President Trump holds based on his previous behavior, but we certainly see him surrounding himself with outstanding business people and military leaders.  Washington DC leaders have gone from lawyers to professionals and military people.  There is great ancient wisdom on this.

Without counsel, plans go awry,
But in the multitude of counselors they are established.
Proverbs 15:22 (NKJV)

We shall see

This Is The Best We’ve Got? Hillary Vs Donald

HillaryVDonaldThis is the best we’ve got?  Hillary versus Donald Trump?  It’s the boring battle between the pathological liar and the super exaggerator.  Some Americans have have described the choice as almost like choosing between two STDs… would you like Syphilis or Gonorrhea?

Let’s face it, most of us don’t like either choices.  However, if we have to choose between the two we should likely think more about it as we’re dealing with friends… this “friend” were going to have to listen to for the next 4 years unfortunately.

Everyone has one of those friends that things that they are God’s gift to the world.  That person who thinks more of themselves than they ought.  That is definitely the Donald Trump.  On the other hand, no one likes to associate with a person who is always changing their story otherwise known as lying.

Second only to Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton is the dirtiest politician to be in and run again for office.  She arranges political favors for people who pay her foundation, compromises national intelligence for her ‘convenience’ and will lie right to your face… even if it’s about her fellow countrymen dying (in Benghazi).

The Philippines used to be known for corruption, payoffs and cheating politicians. Now we’ve got that same element here in the US with Hillary Clinton.  Now with the new president of the Philippines, Mr. Rodrigo Duterte, the lying cheating criminal element is being called out.  If the country has moral leadership, the country will flourish.

If we have to choose between Hillary and Donald, the choice is clearly Donald.  Frankly, we’d prefer to have another choice of a strong constitutionalist.  He’s certainly a big talker and has a set of problems of his own, however the thought of a sleazy woman who lies about anything and everything being in control of what was once a mostly moral and upright nation is appalling.

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump

160120-Sarah-Donald(BrightCitizen.com) When it comes to Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and VP candidate for the United States, most people don’t know what to think.  Her folksy, overly casual way of talking puts most of us off.  However, she did seem to have some type of involvement in the American Tea Party movement.  We see the idea of accountability and managing your resources as a fundamental of how a nation should be managed.

Unfortunately, the United States is bloated and spending more money that it has due to poor political leadership.  We are not completely sure what Mrs. Palin has to really do with the Tea Party, other than agreeing with her in this area.

However, today in her endorsement of Donald Trump for US president, we have concluded that the prior intuition that said that her way of talking and acting was strange.

The bigger question really is, does anyone really care that Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump?  At BrightCitizen.com, we think if the US presidential election of 2016 were between Hillary and Donald, it would be a very sad day for the United States.

Rand Paul Says It’s Time To Change The US Government- Announces Presidential Bid (Full Speech)


Rand Paul announces bid for US presidency.  He makes no attempt to be politically correct and blames the bipartisan over-budget, political machine of both democrat and republican parties for reducing America’s positive influence and power in the world.

Although Dr. Paul doesn’t seem to have the oratory skills of a slick politician, he does have the facts and finesse for reaching the majority of Americans.  His speech was well presented weaving his personal experiences, Washington impressions, and reason for why he thinks he can do it better.

Can he compete with rivals for the nomination?  Please add your thoughts below.

Hit The Road Barak- Newsweek Agrees It’s Time For Barak Obama To Step Aside

(BrightCitizen.com) Amazing to see Newsweek getting a whiff of reality!  Rather than promoting a candidate because he or she is on the left side of political spectrum, Newsweek is looking at achievements and abilities.

Newsweek has really not been known for trying to present both sides of a story politically. However, their article “Why We Need A New President” has done an excellent job of summarizing what the American Chamber of Commerce and the majority of American business people are saying.  It’s time for Barak Obama to move on.

Barak is clearly clueless as a leader of the United States and is presiding over the greatest decline and mismanagement of the United States Of America.  At the current rate, the United States will join the ‘has-beens’ of world power such as the UK, Spain, Rome, and even the vikings in a couple of decades or sooner.  At BrightCitizen, we believe that Mitt Romney is our only hope for getting the US back on track.

US Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Picks Go Getter As Vice Presidential Candidate

(BrightCitizen.com)  Before the left-wing media could begin attacking the unknown, Mitt Romney discreetly announced his pick for US Vice President.  Now these sources are looking for things to fault Mr. Paul Ryan on.

From the American perspective, he’s the model citizen who has worked his ways up the ranks and proven extremely effective in communicating what the majority of Americans want- A strong country made up of people who are willing to work hard to be successful.

Romney Would Be Wise To Integrate

(BrightCitizen.com)  Mitt Romney’s organization and planning to get the nomination for US presidential candidate from the Republican party may have paid off.  All the potential candidates to challenge him have suspended their campaigns.  All is left is old man Ron Paul.  Since Paul is over 70 and has no chance in getting the nomination, he cannot be considered a serious contender.

There is a good thing that Romney can learn from the race.  Pick up the good things that supporters liked about their Republican candidates.

-Paul’s followers zeal

-Santorum’s supporter’s desire for someone with a Christian ethic

-Gingrich’s supporters desire for no more business as usual in Washington DC.

We really admired Newt because he was not just a talker as we see with nearly all politicians.  Newt was willing to try something new to address the changing issues the United States faces each year.

Advice for Mitt, look at the strengths of your competitors and bring them in to your campaign.  Don’t pick a Palin, but find a VP candidate that people will like and can help you win.