Christine Blasey Ford- Political Pawn, Liar, Or Confused?

( Washington DC seems to have no shortage of divisiveness.  How a ‘disunited states’ can continue to prosper is very concerning even to the passionately positive people among us.

The highest Judicial Court of the United States of America has a nomination from President Donald Trump for a new Justice or Judge to serve for lifetime appointment.  The judge has a very positive record, is well regarded amongst all that he has worked with over his career, and is considered to be consistent with the conservative traditional values of the United States.  The issue is he is not being recommended by the leftists in the Democratic Party of the United States but instead a ‘Republican’ nomination.

After several FBI background checks, weeks of testimony, and hundreds of meetings between Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Members of the United States Senate, and anonymous letter from July is released just before confirmation process to the full senate begins.  The accuser, Christine Blasey Ford claims that she was groped in a bedroom 35 years ago by the young future judge at a beer party in Maryland.  Unfortunately, there are many problems with the story

  • Christine Ford doesn’t remember the house location or date of the alleged attack
  • Christine Ford may have had some traumatic affair but the mental health professional recorded her saying there were four boys in the room not the two she now talks about.  Which is it?
  • The accuser has no witnesses or confidants to confirm that the trauma happened, but more importantly who the perpetrators where if something did happen.
  • Christine Ford deleted all her social media accounts before going to the Washington Post to announce her accusation.  It would seem more a move for political battle than for keeping privacy.
  • People who have had a truly traumatic attack would relive the details constantly and would usually have them seared into their consciences.
  • 57 women have gone to the effort of writing a letter to the Senate Committee confirming the kindness and great treatment they have received from Brett Kavanaugh over his years and putting their names to a recommendation
  • Sexual predators don’t stop, they keep going for years until they are caught. Bill Clinton is a perfect example of a sexual deviant that continued to violate women from his days of governor in Arkansas to the Whitehouse.  If Judge Brett Kavanaugh were a sexual predator, he would have been continuing to display those traits and not been appointed his previous judicial positions.  Nor would have such a large group of friends and coworkers attesting to his integrity over his career.

Based on the timing and story, it would seem that everything is about trying to prevent a republican nominated judge from being seated on the US Supreme Court.  Is Ms. Ford a political pawn, a liar, or confused?  Ms. Ford is a political activist on the democratic side.  She has given money to political causes and signed her alias name to a letter against President Trump’s moves to fix immigration.  She has attained a post graduate degree so we would conclude she is likely no fool.

Based on the above, Christine Ford would seem to be an actively engaged political pawn trying to derail a nomination and destroy the personal lives of the target judge and his family.

Christine Ford’s story seems to have more holes than a shot-gunned milk jug.  What’s your take?  Feel free to make thoughtful comments below.  Avoid the politics and stick to the logical side.

If The Republican Wins, Find Someone To Go Sexual- Attack On Judge Roy Moore

Despite rigging the elections and spending nearly $1B USD to win, Hillary Clinton lost the election.  If she were any other citizen, she would be in prison.  However, since all are created equal, except certain politicians, Hillary is still at large (pardon the pun).

The machine that failed to put her into power was stunned at the victory of businessman Donald Trump.  Now, with Judge Roy Moore winning in the primary against the lobbyist turned temporary politician (Mr. Strange) the leftists are nervous.

What To Do?

If you can take an honest man or woman down by a vote, the next thing is to go sexual.  Get someone to claim they were raped, touched, or even talked to inappropriately sometime in the target’s life.  Preferably, make something up and place it 30 or more years back.

This is exactly the leftists did.  The Washington Post (Amazon owner Jeff Bezos’ political mouth piece) found someone to claim sexual attack.  The problem, dirt doesn’t stick to a clean surface so well.  The story is all made up.

Judge Moore has molested no little girls, he has high standards for himself, and applies that same integrity to others in the courtroom.

Someone wants to keep Judge Moore out of Congress. The American public is smarter and can read the situation already.



Celebrating New National Holiday – Nobama Day!

After 8 years of arrogance, ignorance, anti-business, anti-family, and suppression of anyone who would dare to disagree, the American people voted overwhelmingly across the United States to replace Barak Obama and his hand picked candidate with someone different.  Americans selected a rough-talking, big business-man, and television personality.  He is untested and unproven in the political sphere.

Today, 20 January 2017, we celebrate freedom from a president who ignored American law, suppressed the truth, persecuted Christians, promoted sexual perversion, and frequently ignored the chances to dialog with American businesses at home and abroad.

Today we celebrate “Nobama Day”.  No more Obama to push a socialist agenda on the majority of Americans who are sensible and hard working.

Of course, Nobama Day could be an annual holiday, but let’s make it a 1 day, 1 year thing.  We must work to never again put this type of person in office. From today, Americans must focus on getting smart people  who will actively uphold the wishes of a moral society and comply with the high standards of the office.  People who will help America to prosper and not decay.

We don’t know what the leadership of newly elected President Trump holds based on his previous behavior, but we certainly see him surrounding himself with outstanding business people and military leaders.  Washington DC leaders have gone from lawyers to professionals and military people.  There is great ancient wisdom on this.

Without counsel, plans go awry,
But in the multitude of counselors they are established.
Proverbs 15:22 (NKJV)

We shall see

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Not Interested In Meeting Barak Obama

Rodrigo Duterte (Photo- Courtesy Reuters)

(  Like most Americans, many world leaders have lost respect for Barak Obama..The lame-duck US president infamous for championing trans-sexual bathrooms in the US criticized President Duterte’s leadership and tough stance against drug dealers and pushers in his home country.

But the Filipino leader did not take kindly to that notion, saying Obama had better think twice about raising the issue of the killings.
“Who does he think he is? I am no American puppet. I am the president of a sovereign country and I am not answerable to anyone except the Filipino people,” Duterte scoffed in a speech Monday. “Son of a b****, I will swear at you.”

Drugs are a major issue in the world and world ledader

The Philippines War On Drugs
Since Duterte was elected, more than 1,900 people have died, including at least 700 in police operations that were part of the president’s hardline war on drugs.
“Double your efforts. Triple them, if need be. We will not stop until the last drug lord, the last financier, and the last pusher have surrendered or put behind bars — or below the ground, if they so wish,” Duterte said during his State of the Nation speech on July 25.

Obama Also Snubbed By The Chinese
Dueterte was not the only world leader to blow off Barak Obama. Chinese took away the red carpet when the US president’s plane arrived at the airport. They did other things to show their displeasure with the incompetent leader’s visit.

Obama Cuts Citizen’s Whitehouse visits but spends $1M on Golfing In Florida

( Obama, in a political move to try to get his enemies to raise taxes has tried to creative a look of trouble at the Whitehouse.  He cuts American’s rights to visit and tour Whitehouse while spending $1M USD on a trip to play golf with Tiger Woods in Florida.  On March 5, Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert filed an amendment to a House resolution that would prohibit federal funds from being spent on Obama’s golf trips until public tours of the White House resumed.

Gohmert referenced press reports pegging the cost of a recent Florida golf outing Obama took with Tiger Woods at $1 million. He also cited press reports saying 341 federal workers could have been spared furloughs if Obama had stayed home.

“The president’s travel expenses alone, for the golfing outing with Tiger Woods, would pay for a year of White House visits,” Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer said Thursday. “So I suggest that perhaps he curtail the travel.”

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Obama says US needs to cut costs, Then Raises Salaries of Government Employees

(  For all Barak Obama’s talk about the government’s need to be responsible, he doesn’t seem to think it matters when it comes to paying himself or his friends in government.

Barak signed an executive order raising salaries of members of congress last week to give more tax money to members of congress to take home.  News reports

Rank-and-file members of Congress would all see a $900 bump next year — up from $174,000. Congressional leaders will receive a slightly higher raise, with the House speaker receiving a $1,100 salary increase to $224,600. The top two Senate leaders will see pay rise $1,000, to $194,400.

Vice President Biden, meanwhile, will see his pay increase from $225,521 last year to $231,900 after his raise goes into effect March 27, 2013.

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